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Vector Wellness keeps you performing at 100%, honing your mind and body into an athletic marvel.

We will challenge and motivate all types of athletes to develop their Pillar strength, speed, multi-directional agility, quickness, core rotary power, dynamic balance, acceleration/deceleration, anaerobic and aerobic energy systems, and recovery to maximize in-game performance and reduce the risk of injury.



Head Coach Anthony Glavanic 

Certified Canadian Tennis Professional


All Level Tennis and Vector Wellness are partnered together running a great and vast tennis program for juniors and adults, with the best, highly qualified and experienced coaches. You don't have to be a professional to join. The team are skilled at providing coaching and lessons to both adults and children, working with all levels from novice to professionals. They will ensure that you can get the best out of your game. 

Our fantastic tennis coaching team strive to create an inspirational environment where players can enjoy a comprehensive curriculum to help develop their mindset and their on court game so they are prepared for anything on the tennis court!


Anthony founded All Level Tennis to promote the sport to a broad cross-section of players on both a competitive and social level, ensuring fun and challenging play for each ability.  He is certified with Tennis Canada and is also co-coach of Western University men’s tennis team - perennial champions, including three consecutive OUA championships from 2012 to 2014 and the 2017 Canadian University Men's Tennis Championship.  Anthony received the 2016 Excellence Award from Tennis Canada.

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