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"I benefited greatly from my active therapy for approximately a 2-3 year period.  I have had several injuries including back injuries and within this program I had regular assessments in order to prescribe exercises or rehabilitation appropriately and safely. They have an extraordinary ability to run a few physical tests and protocols and diagnose quickly. If a particular exercise was painful, they would make alterations in order for me to workout and strengthen confidently under attentive care.  I would highly recommend this service. Their knowledge is superior, they are very highly educated, and always remain professional. "

- Dawn 

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"Active Therapy was very helpful in preparing me for my knee replacement surgery and was instrumental in my recovery. The assessment of my needs was excellent and the approach to the issues at hand was exceptional. 

I’ll be seeing them again for my second knee surgery as well. Their depth of knowledge is incredible and very appreciated. "
- Franco P.

"I began 6 months after a tibial plateau fracture that required reconstructive surgery. Before my injury, I was very active in golf, tennis, biking and walking and I wanted to get back to that level of activity.

Each visit begins with a check on how you are doing that day, going over any concerns or pain you might be having. Your program for that day is personalized around that. Right from the start, they made me feel very safe with each exercise I was doing, demonstrating it first, explaining the benefit and proper form, then watched me while I do it, and then come back to review how I was doing later. The exercises are aimed to increase your strength, range of movement and to improve your endurance, not only in your injured joint or bone/muscle but your entire body. Active therapy at Vector has definitely given me the best chance at getting back to my normal. I am back playing golf, biking and walking. They are very knowledgeable about injuries, surgeries and rehabilitation."

- Karen S

"At Vector Wellness Center, I have experienced a welcoming, supportive, and safe environment operated in a professional, caring manner. I have a long-standing back problem which affects my day-to-day activities. My sessions provide individualized attention tailored to my specific and unique needs. My program includes thorough and ongoing assessments which allow regular opportunities for program modifications. Staff give clear, concise instructions accompanied by the reasons for each activity, teaching me what they are requesting and why I am doing it. They demonstrate what they are asking me to do as well as showing me what they don’t want me to do. I continue to benefit from the knowledge, expertise, and experience available in this enabling environment."

- L.S

"I joined the program after I had my third child. I have been active all of my life, but as a busy Mum and professional, my biomechanics were not where they should have been and I was continually re-injuring myself. They helped me rehabilitate my chronic hip and back injuries while keeping me active and gaining strength. At 40, I am fitter than I have ever been and my body is so much more resilient than it ever has been."

- Jess

I have been a part of the program for over 2 years and I have a pre existing memory condition which can effect my mind-body coordination and ability to perform exercises in the correct manner on a consistent basis. They excelled at assessing my mental and physical abilities at each individual session, adapting the specific exercises as well as the intensity and complexity of ever workout based on my mental and physical state. The plans are customized to my personal abilities and goals and has led to my continued mobility as well as maintenance of my overall health. My workouts contribute greatly to my positive outlook, ability and willingness to take on new challenges.

- Cathy L

"I joined this program in 2022, with the hopes of building muscle mass and bone density.  Osteoporosis runs in my family, and I knew that I had to be proactive in order to minimize my risk.  This program isn't just for those who require rehabilitation, but it is also beneficial for individuals looking to improve their overall health. Their customized approach ensures that you are achieving your fitness goals in a safe and effective manner.  I highly recommend this program."

- Chantelle

I have had chronic hip problems for over ten years. After I started with active therapy sessions, the daily pain began to subside. They don't just focus on your injury, but your whole body. I am now able to move better then I have in years. The knowledge of not only the movements but the reasons behind them is outstanding. I have learned a lot about my own body and how to avoid further injury.

- Dana   

"At age 86, Active therapy has become a major factor in my life. After tearing my soleus muscle, they were highly recommended and achieved amazing results. I accomplished my immediate goal of hiking in the mountains and so continued under their guidance working on balance, strength and endurance. Age is not a factor, quality of life is!!! Their care and concern is heartwarming"

- Peg F

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