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What is Active Therapy

Active therapy is an evidence-based practice used by your exercise therapist specialist to help individuals recover from injuries or manage disabilities. The goal of active therapy is to help people resume pre-injury activities, prevent re-injury, improve quality of life, and sometimes return safely to work. 

The Exercise specialist creates customized exercise plans, personalized treatment programs to help client's achieve their recovery goals, providing education on safe body mechanics and how to progress the exercises for the best outcomes, as well as how to maintain their recovery in the long-term. 

Active therapy helps with injuries to joints, soft tissue sprains and strains, post-operative rehabilitation, and post-concussion management. It focuses on improving stability, mobility, flexibility, strength, and endurance through injury-specific exercises, stabilization exercises, and client education. It is often used to assist with different types of pain as well. These include back pain, whiplash, neck pain, joint pain, soft tissue sprains, strains, postoperative recovery, concussions, balance issues, and more.

Active therapy is a personally prescribed set of exercises that range from active movement through to strengthening exercises using therabands, body weight and resistance machines or free weights, dependent on the needs of the clients condition & findings during assessment.

It draws on the fundamentals of healthy exercise: movement for the sake of optimizing your body's functions. Agility, balance, range of motion, flexibility, body aesthetics, body composition, strength and aerobics are pillars of physical health.

Exercise falls into these main categories:

Range of motion training

Resistive exercise

Balance and agility training

Strength training

Aerobic conditioning

Active Therapy targets each of these exercise categories with specific movements or activities resulting in unlimited exercises. Variations can be designed for any common exercise to perfectly suit your needs. It is up to your exercise therapist specialist to tailor a program to your unique needs and goals.

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